Digital Logistics

IT Consulting

Much like many of our clients we believe that calculated logic and hard work is the key to foundation that builds stable change. We want to work together with you to understand how everything is fitting together. Just like you have found success in what you do through experience, trial and error and good plans coming together, we have helped our clients through learning and understanding what builds success through cooperation and applying knowledge pragmatically.

When writing stories a common thesis is that the best stories “show, don’t tell”. This is something we truly believe in as this is how everything started out for us. Instead of talking about creating systems that pushes us past our competitors we decided to show the market how it’s done. Others took note of what we were doing and the resulting initiative was named “DemeterIT”. Through DemeterITsystems we helped form a network of companies and service providers to build our plattform on. And it’s only logical that the next step from actual logistics is communicative and digital logistics.

Buzzwords such as “future” “innovation” or “new” means little unless you can put it into action. Most managers have stories about subcontractors and inititives that fail to create anything meaningful. Often the very same initiatives meant to help and support a structure end up working against it. Put into simple terms, its no fun explaining poor decisions to a board of directors.

If you’ve read this far we can at least deduce that you are looking for something. Perhaps you want a new perspective on how your digital assets fit together, or you are in dire need to educate a new team. Whatever your needs are we are sure that we will find commonalities to build upon.